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The Cottage Herbalist provides our teas – Caroline, the cottage herbalist herself, who lives nearby in the Wombat State Forest, hand-blends the organic teas, and she grows and collects many of the herbs herself. Her black and herbal teas are formulated for their delicate taste and their beneficial effects on health and wellbeing. Captain Spice

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We source our coffee from Just Planet in Sunbury, which supplies us with high-quality fair-trade, organic coffee. We have our very own house blend that’s unique to us, that Just Planet mixes for us after consultation with us, plus we also have a range of single-origin beans from places around the world, such as Mexico,

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Gluten Free

Our ethos of catering to a diverse range of dietary plans includes catering to gluten-free customers, including coeliacs, with careful separation of gluten-containing and gluten-free ingredients, and plenty of choices of gluten-free dishes and sweet treats. Here is some of our most favourite gluten free meals. For a full list, refer to our menu. Greens

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