Gluten Free

Our ethos of catering to a diverse range of dietary plans includes catering to gluten-free customers, including coeliacs, with careful separation of gluten-containing and gluten-free ingredients, and plenty of choices of gluten-free dishes and sweet treats.

Here is our current selection of delicious gluten free eats:

Greens Galore (GF /VEG/VO)        25

A poached egg atop two potato rosti, sautéed broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale & chard, smashed peas, Meredith goats’ fetta, salsa verde & soy pepitas.
Vegan option (choose two, to replace egg & fetta): Sautéed mushroom / cashew cream / avocado / coconut sambal 

Coconut Pancakes (GF / DFO)       23
Two coconut pancakes topped with a sweet citrus medley, whipped honey lemon ricotta plus toasted coconut & chopped pistachios.

Porridge Pleasure (GF/V)            19
Creamy polenta, almond & chia porridge cooked with almond milk, topped with cinnamon roasted apples, toasted seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Perfectly Pumpkin (GFO/VGO)    25

Paprika and cumin spiced pumpkin mash on toasted dark rye,
with maple bacon, a poached egg, greens and roasted spicy pecans.
Vegan Option: Egg & bacon is replaced with sauteed garlic mushrooms and pan-fried tofu marinated in soy ginger dressing.

Open Omelette (GFO/VEG)           26
Open-faced omelette, with roasted
rosemary potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red onion, and bocconcini. Topped
with rocket, garlic croutons and drizzle of herb oil.
* Switch mushrooms for chorizo or smoked trout        + 2

Sri Lankan Curry (GF/VGO)         26
Choose your curry: Beef, Chicken, or Vegetarian (carrot, chickpea, cauliflower & spinach) curry.

All curries come with turmeric rice,

beetroot curry devilled potatoes,

lemon yoghurt and a papadum.

Hello Dahl (GFO / V)                     25
Split Red lentils cooked in coconut milk

and spinach – accompanied with turmeric rice, devilled potatoes, coconut sambal,
& a paratha.

Add: Fried Egg                  

Winter Warmer (GF/VGO)               27

Two South African Boerwurst (Oakwood beef sausage) resting on
a Za’atar spiced roasted vegetable mix (carrot, parsnip, & red onion), plus
green lentils, cranberries and, accompanied with beetroot hummus, cashew cream
and rocket.

Vegan Option: with garlic sauteed mushrooms & toasted almonds.

Mushroom Ragu (GF)                     24
Portobello, Swiss brown and button mushroom ragu, with wilted

spinach and Meredith fetta, served on a bed of creamy parmesan polenta, and
toasted seeds.

Add: bacon / chorizo                                        7

Beef Burger (GFO)                           24

Juicy house-made beef patty, with cheese, bacon, roasted beetroot, onion jam,
house-made relish, salad mix & pickles, wedged between a wholemeal bun,
plus a side of chips or garden salad.   

Chicken Burger (GFO)                     24

Pan-fried chicken strips, bacon, avocado, red cabbage slaw, aioli, jalapeno peppers, plus melted cheese between a wholemeal bun, served with chips or garden salad.