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Wondering where to eat in Kyneton? Have a look at our fresh and warming Menu. You’re bound to find something you love!

Dine in or takeaway.

Some favourites below or see our full Menu (click here) 

All Day Breakfast & Lunch  

Greens Galore (GF /VEG/VO) 26

A poached egg, two potato rosti, sautéed greens (broccoli, beans, kale & rainbow chard), smashed peas, Meredith goats’ fetta, salsa verde & soy pepitas.

Vegan option: replaces egg & fetta with sautéed mushroom & avocado.

Eggs your way                  12

Two poached or fried eggs on sourdough toast.

Scrambled eggs + $2 / GF bread + $1

Sides: Bacon 7 / Avocado 6 / sauteed mushrooms 6 / cashew cream 5 / pan-fried cherry tomatoes 5 /  slice of toast 3 / Tomato relish 3 / potato rosti 4 / Meredith fetta 4 / toast 3 / strawberry or raspberry Jam 3 / Vegemite 3 / Peanut butter 3

Spicy Avo Smash (V / GFO)         22

Well seasoned avocado smash on a dark rye toast with sauteed local oyster mushrooms, kale slaw & spicy nut mix.

Add: poached egg 3 / fetta 4 / bacon 7 / Chilli Oil

Add: poached egg 3

All Day Lunch

Coconut Pancakes
(GF / DF) 24

Two coconut almond pancakes, with house-made berry compote, coconut yoghurt, pistachios, toasted coconut and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Hello Dahl
(GFO / V/ VEG)      24

Split Red lentils cooked in coconut milk and spinach – accompanied with turmeric rice, devilled potatoes, coconut sambal & a paratha.

Add: Fried Egg 3

Sri Lankan Fish Croquettes    26       

Sri Lankan spiced tuna & potato croquettes, served on a bed of tahini yoghurt and garden salad.

Beef Burger (GFO)        25

Juicy beef patty, cheese, bacon, tomato, onion jam, relish, salad leaves & pickles, served with chips or garden salad.


Egg & Bacon Bun (GFO) + cheese, tomato relish & pickles.   14

Avo & Mushroom Bun (VEG/V/GFO) + cashew cream and tomato relish.  14
Loaded Bun  (GFO) + avocado, sauteed mushrooms, egg, bacon, tomato relish, cheese & pickles.  17

Toasted Focaccias

Kids Menu

(12 & under)

Kids brekky (GFO):

A fried egg, on toast with bacon, & a potato rosti + tomato sauce. 12

Pancakes (GF/DF/VEG):

2 Mini coconut pancakes with bananas, ice-cream and maple syrup. (Pancakes contains almond meal   14

Kids Drinks

Milkshakes                                         7

(Chocolate / Vanilla / Strawberry / Caramel / Blue Heaven)

Smoothies                                          8

(Detox / Green / Mango Lassi / Banana)

Hot Drinks

Coffee by Just Planet (Fair Trade Organic Coffee Roasters in Sunbury)

Latte/Flat White/Cappuccino     5.50(R)

Latte/Flat White/Cappuccino     6.50(L)

Espresso/Short Black/Short Macchiato/Piccolo    4

Long Black/Long Macchiato     5

Extra shot/decaf     1.5

Mocha    6.50 (R)/7.50(L)

Chai Latte regular (Sticky Chai)   6 (R)/7(L)

Turmeric Latte      6 (R)/7 (L)

Soy/Almond/Coconut/Oat/lactose-free milk    1

Babyccino    2.5

Puppyccino (lactose free milk)    3.5

Hot Chocolate     5 (R)/6 (L)
Coconut Hot Chocolate     5 (R)/6 (L)

Organic Pot of Tea, by The Cottage Herbalist in Trentham

5 (R) 

Cottage Breakfast / French Earl Grey / Spiced Marsala Chai / Soothe (Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Chamomile Flowers and Marshmallow Root) / Elderberry Blush (Elderberry, echinacea, rosehips, hibiscus & cinnamon) / Ginger & Lemongrass / Bless You (sencha, nettle, peppermint, elderflower, eyebright & calendula)

Small jug of milk on side       1

(R = Regular, L = Large)

Cold Drinks 

Iced Latte     5 (S) / 6 (L)

Iced Coffee / Iced Chocolate      11

Milkshakes                                         10

Chocolate / Strawberry / Vanilla / Coffee / Caramel / Blue Heaven

Smoothies                                          13

Detox – Blueberries, banana, almond milk, LSA & maple

Green – Spinach, apple, coconut water, cucumber, banana, lemon & honey/maple syrup

Mango Lassi– Mango, coconut milk, coconut yoghurt & honey/maple

Protein Power

banana, peanut butter, protein powder, almond milk & dates

Banana – banana, greek yoghurt, milk & honey

Banana (V) – banana, coconut yoghurt, coconut milk & maple syrup

Sparkling water (500ml)   7

Capi Sparkling (Kyneton Mineral water – variety of flavours)    6

Bundaberg brewed drinks (variety of flavours inc. ginger beer)     7

Assorted Juices

(From drinks fridge     6

Kombucha (small-batch, lovingly hand-crafted in Woodend) (Apple, Ginger, Blueberry)   8

Please advise staff of any allergies / intolerances. (Nuts & seeds used as garnish.) [ GF= Gluten-free / GFO= Gluten-free option / VEG= Vegetarian / V= Vegan / VO= Vegan Option /DF=Dairy Free].                                   

Please note: There’s a 20% on public holidays.

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