Vegan/Vegetarian Dishes & Sweet Treats

Our menu always features a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, since so many people are now choosing these dietary lifestyles for health and environmental reasons.
Too often, vegans and vegetarians only have one or two items on a cafe or restaurant menu to choose from – not at Home Grown on Piper!

Here is the current list of vegan or vegetarian dishes and sweet treats we offer:

Greens Galore (GF /VEG/VO)        25

A poached egg atop two potato rosti, sautéed broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale & chard, smashed peas, Meredith goats’ fetta, salsa verde & soy pepitas.
Vegan option (choose two, to replace egg & fetta): Sautéed mushroom / cashew cream / avocado / coconut sambal 

Porridge Pleasure (GF/V)                19
Creamy polenta, almond & chia porridge cooked with almond milk, topped with cinnamon roasted apples, toasted seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Perfectly Pumpkin (GFO/VGO)       25

Paprika and cumin spiced pumpkin mash on toasted dark rye,
with maple bacon, a poached egg, greens and roasted spicy pecans.
Vegan Option: Egg & bacon is replaced with sauteed garlic mushrooms and pan-fried tofu marinated in soy ginger dressing.

Open Omelette (GFO/VEG)            26
Open-faced omelette, with roasted
rosemary potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red onion, and bocconcini. Topped
with rocket, garlic croutons and drizzle of herb oil. 

Kottu Roti with vegetarian curry                                                                     27
Diced flat bread tossed with spicy sautéed seasonal vegetables (carrot, broccoli, cauliflower & onion) served with curry of choice and garnished with toasted cashews. 

Sri Lankan Curry (GF/VGO)            26
Choose your curry: Beef, Chicken, or Vegetarian (carrot, chickpea, cauliflower & spinach) curry.

All curries come with turmeric rice,

beetroot curry devilled potatoes,

lemon yoghurt and a papadum.

Hello Dahl (GFO / V)                        25
Split Red lentils cooked in coconut milk

and spinach – accompanied with turmeric rice, devilled potatoes, coconut sambal,
& a paratha.

Winter Warmer (GF/VGO)               27

Two South African Boerwurst (Oakwood beef sausage) resting on
a Za’atar spiced roasted vegetable mix (carrot, parsnip, & red onion), plus
green lentils, cranberries and, accompanied with beetroot hummus, cashew cream
and rocket.

Vegan Option: with garlic sauteed mushrooms & toasted almonds.

Vegan Toasted Focaccia: Cashew cream, grilled pumpkin, rosemary roasted potatoes, salsa verde, & spinach.                                               17